Five Easy Daily Habits for Self-Care

Five Easy Daily Habits for Self-Care

i know, i know, self-care is the buzz word you’re beginning to hate. oh well. the truth is you deserve to care for yourself, and i’ll shout from the highest mountain to remind you of your worth.

making time for yourself daily isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. as i said in my post on finding happiness during painful times, investing in your wellbeing is like making deposits in a savings account. you can make withdrawals on days when your light feels dim.

it doesn’t take lots of money or time to create a sustainable self-care practice. all you need is a commitment to living your best life.

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five easy daily habits for self-care

  1. give yourself a bedtime and stick to it.

    we set an alarm to wake up, so why not give ourselves a consistent time to go to bed? treat sleep like the precious gift it is. it affects our mood, physical health and level of productivity. if you have trouble sleeping at night, try diffusing lavender and sipping chamomile tea before bedtime.

  2. meal prep on the weekends

    i’m the worst with meal prepping consistently. however, it’s the only why i won’t end up eating cheese and crackers every night for dinner. taking a moment to at least prep your proteins and veggies on the weekends makes your evenings so much easier.  you can come home from work, eat and dedicate time to something you love.

  3. go for a walk if you’re able or sit outside

    i’m a country girl so spending time outside is life. my ancestors were on to something because studies show fresh air and green spaces elevate our mood. take a break from work and treat yourself to lunch in a park or take an evening walk to connect with the earth.

  4. make a happiness list

    one of the first steps in our 21 day happiness project is to make a happiness list. it’s a simple brain dump of every single thing that brings you joy. use this list as a reminder of what centers your wellbeing and make a commitment to doing at least one thing a day from the list.

  5. read something uplifting daily

    i wholeheartedly believe in the principle of speaking positive words over yourself. this can be through daily affirmations or reading uplifting words. blogs, books and magazines that motivate you to live a whole, healthy life are great resources.  some of my favorites are spirit junkie by gabrielle bernstein, you are a badass by jen sincero and radiant, a healthy living magazine with beautiful visuals made in africa.

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our 21 day happiness project is the perfect time to press reset on your self-care practice. join our community dedicated to doing at least one thing a day for three weeks that brings us joy.  follow the hashtag #GETHAPPY2017 for the latest!


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    Thank you, for your presence and this blog. I am always eager to read your motivating words and see what new self-care projects you will introduce next.LOVE + HEALTH

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