the deets on diptyque

deets on diptyque

if you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering what’s the big deal about designer candles. aren’t all fragrances made equal? the answer is no, and luxury brands are capitalizing on this fact with wax wonders that can cost hundreds. however, i’m not easily sold on the latest “it” items and i bargain hunted for my first set of diptyque candles.the deets on diptyquenordstrom’s anniversary sale is a gift from shopping heaven because cardholders can receive first dibs on inventory and even pre-order their favorite items. i quickly snagged the five diptyque sampler for $55, reduced from the orginal $90 price tag.

i couldn’t be happier with the fragrances. first, before opening, i could smell them through the box. i’ve read reviews that they blanket the room without even lighting the wick and i couldn’t agree more. second, each one has a unique smell that can accompany your mood.the deets on diptyque

roses: of course smells like roses, a light and crisp fragrance.

baies: sweet and sage odor, kind of like spraying women’s perfume in your tent while camping.

feu de bois: masculine fragrance with fresh undertones.

tubéreuse: clean, fresh and slightly sweet, reminds me of someplace tropical. my absolute fave!

figuier: sweetest of the set with magnolia undertones. diptyque6

are you a diptyque fan? what’s your favorite?