for queens only: lost queens jewelry

companies that are truly socially conscious are hard to come by, even harder if you’re looking for those that don’t exclusively support causes abroad.  lost queens jewelry is working to fill this gap by not only serving fly ass accessories, but also donating a portion of the sales from each item to a special cause like funding a sister’s studies abroad or supporting protesters in ferguson, missouri.

shop now to get 20% off during the mlk day sale (use code LQMLK). i can’t wait to get my hands on the taraji p. henson and janelle monae!

test shots by rog & bee walker

remember when solange knowles’s wedding pictures broke the internet? well, those epic images were credited to new york-based photographer rog walker.  he and his wife bee ( bottom left) captured some of new york’s most creative beings in their “test shot” series.


check out rog’s visual biography on

photo credit: rog walker

fashion is art: prim by michelle elie

a staple at fashion weeks around the world, haitian accessories designer michelle elie is a style behemoth. her image has been captured by street style photographers for years, but michelle’s personal life might be just as interesting as her art.  check out her profiles on style like u and t magazine to get inspired.

michelle paris fashion week.jpg



pictures from her world plus and style like u.

crush of the week: ava duvernay

in case you didn’t know, one of the best movies of 2015 was directed by a black woman.  the film: selma. the director: ava duvernay. a vision with long locks, impeccable style and black consciousness, she just might be politics & fashion’s crush of the year. 

ava1ava2 ava3

selma’s been nominated for a golden globe for best director, making ava the first black woman to be nominated for this award.  take a look at this great new york time’s article written about the struggles she and other women directors have faced in hollywood.ava4

weekend wear 2014

when i first created politics & fashion, i decided to focus on serious issues: world affairs, social justice and race all from a progressive lens.  of course, there was a fashion and interior design post here and there, but i was hyper-focused on balancing both ideas.  i’d spent a very intense few years as a community organizer and was conditioned to believe that beauty and fashion were trivial and too superficial for a platform. although i see fashion as art, this conditioning, as well as personal insecurities i’m sure, prevented me from featuring my personal style on my very personal blog. a contradiction fueled by some sort of fashion ptsd.

thankfully, i fully embraced a renewed sense of self last year and decided to create my first weekend wear series. fashion is serious and even in the face of criticism from former comrades, i’m unapologetic about my love.  the revolution might not be televised, but it can be well-dressed.

thanks for rocking with politics & fashion in 2014 — i’m sending positive vibes for 2015!

shiona turini: new york magazine’s best streetstyle of 2014

shiona turini

how could we not agree with new york magazine’s selection of shiona turini as 2014’s number one street style stunter?  after rocking this pyer moss t-shirt during fall fashion week, the former cosmopolitan fashion market editor was the embodiment of politics and fashion.

Shiona Turini at Etro FW2014 Shiona Turini at Nina Ricci shiona4