crush of the week: yoliswa mqoco

slay isn’t the right word. murder? annihilate? assassinate? whatever verb you choose, know that yoliswa mqoco does it, and she does it well.  born in pretoria, south africa, this aspiring fashion journalist’s instagram account is the most delicious thing you’ve ever seen. art, style, makeup, you’ll get your life and feel more creative by osmosis. Yoliswa2 Yoliswa3 Yoliswa4 Yoliswa1Yoliswa6

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fashion is art: derek lam pre-fall 2014

maybe it’s because i’ve been watching the fashion fund on ovation or because i recently watched about face on hbo, but i’ve been more obsessed than usual with the fashion industry. the fashion fund gives a glimpse into the hard work, and at times impeccable craftsmanship, of new designers competing for cfda’s prestigious fashion fund award.   while the fashion fund finalists often lack racial diversity, not surprising given the industry, they’re undeniably visionaries.

as an ode to the design houses who set trends, are true to their aesthetic and bleed creativity, politics & fashion is starting fashion is art, a new series to celebrate higher-end labels’ artistic vision.  the series isn’t intended to encourage readers to buy these pricey items, just as a series about visual art isn’t meant to encourage people to purchase a painting by picasso, but instead seeks to expand support for fashion’s roots. art. first up, derek lam’s pre-fall 2014 line.

two words: JOGGING PANTS!

weekend music: for eric garner…”they call it murder” by dj underdog

we faced yet another state-sanctioned murder of a black man this week when a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who killed eric garner by using an illegal chokehold.  the irony: officers associated with garner’s brutal death won’t face criminal charges, but the bystander who filmed it and shared the footage via social media will.

the word “injustice” doesn’t begin to capture what garner’s family and the black community are facing; so much of this country’s criminal justice system was created to enforce racism and oppression. listen as dj underdog captures what’s on our hearts and minds.

ujamaa: #blackdecember

in the mission to show the world that black lives matter, black youth project 100 has called for #blackdecember, a movement to buy black this holiday season.  i’m all about using our buying power to demand change and in the spirit of ujamaa (cooperative economics) encourage politics and fashion readers to support black-owned businesses.

black december

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dear lesley mcspadden

after watching lesley mcspadden’s reactions to the grand jury’s decision not to indict her son’s murderer, darren wilson, i cried with her, sharing pain that only black women know for our born and un-born sons. melissa harris-perry addresses lesley in an open letter on sunday’s show that captured my sentiments exactly (check out the video here):


Dear Ms. McSpadden,

It’s me, Melissa.

Like you, I am the mother of black children. Like so many other black moms I wanted to say something to comfort you this week. But here I stand, still unsure of what to say. For months we have watched you navigate the treacherous, agonizing, and now all too familiar role of a grieving black mother seeking justice for your slain child.

Along with the stoic and extraordinary Sybrina Fulton, we endured the not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman who killed her son, Trayvon Martin. Along with the undaunted Lucia McBath, we felt some sense of fairness with the retrial conviction of Michael Dunn who killed her son, Jordan Davis. Along with determined Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, we were stunned by the senseless motivations of gang rivalry espoused by the alleged killers of her daughter, Hadiya Pendleton.

This week, along with you we were broken as we learned that a grand jury found no crime in the killing of your son-Michael. I cannot speak for all black mothers, but I want you to know that many of us felt your anguish through the screen, felt it penetrate our core and break our hearts as we bore witness to your shock and torment.

I want you to know: your son’s life did matter. No decision by any jury, anywhere, can ever change that truth. (more…)

weekend music: tink, tell the children

in the wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict darren wilson for mike brown’s murder, many have taken to the streets to protest. if you’re in dc, stay connected to actions across the city via twitter with the hashtag #dcferguson. make sure you blast this new tink joint with your fist raised in the air on your way.

have a good weekend!