Three Simple Tips for Self-Care

Three Simple Tips for Self-Care

“i don’t have time for self-care.” words said by women since the beginning of time. i feel you. work, children, partners and other obligations take up lots of space in our lives.

but let’s keep it one hunnid, we all make time for what’s important. if you’re breathing, you have time for self-care.

speaking of breath, each and every one is a blessing.  the best way i’ve found to show gratitude is to make time to honor myself.  emotional, spiritual and physical pats on the back are necessary forms of self-love.

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i’m not perfect, and don’t always feel like silencing the chatter in my mind — the to do lists, work stuff and persistent fears are on mental repeat. it’s easier to stay on auto pilot and let those voices seep into my soul.  but that’s just it. if wellness was easy, humans would be a completely different (and more evolved) species.

self-care might take work, but it isn’t impossible. try using these simple tips to center your well-being.

1. use aromatherapy to get in the mood. need to relax? they got aromatheraphy for that. need to focus? they got aromatherapy for that. need to sauce up things with bae? they got aromatherapy for that.

trust me, burning or diffusing essential oils does wonders for your mood. my favorites are lavender to help me relax  and eucalyptus to perk up. i got my five oil sampler and diffuser from amazon for around $45.

2.  start and end your day with meditation using apps. sitting in complete silence can be tough, especially if you have little ones banging outside your door. that’s why God made meditation apps and headphones. i’m currently loving the calm app because it takes listeners through a series of workshops or guided daily meditations. it even tracks your progress, including frequency and length of time meditating.

three simple tips for self-care

3.  wash yourself with kind words using daily affirmations. if you watch being mary jane then you’ve seen daily affirmations at work. mary jane writes positive quotes on sticky notes and puts them all over her house as reminders.

three simple tips for self-care

whether you take a page from her book and tuck your affirmations throughout your home or like me keep a list in your journal, kind words are essential reminders of our dopeness. think of them as easy ways to redirect our minds, cutting off fear and anxiety. need ideas? check out this list.

i hope these three simple tips will inspire you to create a consistent self-care practice. remember to be gentle with yourself. it’s called practice for a reason.

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