A Skincare Reboot with Alana Mitchell

A Skincare Reboot with Alana Mitchell

sometimes, my skin won’t let me be great. it’s oily and acne prone with hyperpigmentation around my jawline. i’m always on the lookout for new products, so when the team at alana mitchell reached out about their line, i jumped at the chance to share a review.

alana mitchell is a wife, mother and esthetician who promotes healthy skincare. her products are all paraben and cruelty free.

overall, the products worked well with my skin. they’re lightweight with a smooth texture, and the active ingredients seem to do the job. here’s a full review:

  1. 4 in 1 cleansing pods

    these little square pods are great for travel. i use them when i travel and have been impressed by how much they lather when you add a little water. be mindful that they’re true to the recommended two to five uses.

  2. foaming pumpkin cleanser

    it’s a gentle cleanser that’s marketed for all skin types. the pump delivers a nice lather, and the formula leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. for me, the pumpkin fragrance was overwhelming. thankfully, it’s all natural so it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin.

  3. daily vitamin c moisturizer

    the vitamin c moisturizer is one of my favorite products in the line.  it’s marketed as a daily moisturizer for dry, combo or sensitive skin.  since my skin is oily, i prefered to use it at night.  combined with my paula’s choice vitamin c, this product definitely helped to diminish my dark spots.

  4. moisture boost serum

    my second favorite product in the line, the moisture boost serum does the job. a reminder that even oily girls need moisture. without it our skin only gets oilier.  i love using this serum at night with the vitamin c moisturizer.

  5. peptide eye cream

    i’m not big on eye cream so i didn’t use this product enough to see results.  it’s thick with a smooth texture and applies pretty easily.

  6. quick comeback masque

    like the 4 in 1 cleansing pod, this product is pretty innovative. you press the top button to release the liquid into the lower chamber. the liquid dispense into the cotton pillow and makes a gel mask.  one of the active ingredients is honey and it was a great moisture boost.


i’d certainly give alana mitchell products another try, especially the vitamin c moisturizer and moisture boost serum.  i love the thoughtfulness surrounding the innovative application methods. my only concern is three out of the five products i tried include essential oils and the fragrances can be a bit overwhelming. however, if you’re into smell good skincare, then this is the line for you.


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