The Monthly Edit: February Favorites

The Monthly Edit: February Favorites

winter is almost over!!! well, not quite it’s actually snowing in dc. but still i’m super excited for warmer weather and updating my wardrobe.  this month’s faves are all about coziness.

the monthly edit: february favorites

two books i’m loving are the life changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo and milk and honey by rupi kaur.  the life changing magic influenced me to do a master de-cluttering of my house with a special focus on my wardrobe.  i feel so much lighter and intentional about my purchases now.

milk and honey is a book of poetry that’s been getting lots of love, including as a new york times best-seller. rupi takes you on a journey of trauma, love, hurt and healing in this short read.

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bathtime is legit my favorite part of the day. i got my hands on the clarity bath bag in a goddess provisions box, and i’ve been savoring each bath. it’s a bath tea of epsom salt, pink sea salt, roses, lemongrass and peppermint. how could you not relax with those ingredients?

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this wouldn’t be a monthly fave without a little diptyque love. they’re my favorite luxury candles, and the limited edition rosa mundi fragrance is absolutely lovely. i’m such a junkie that i kept the box and put it beside my bed to smell at night.

i’m slowly embracing natural skincare with the goal of phasing out over half of my non-natural products. the chocolate mask by florapothecarie is pure gold and unicorn dust. it treats your skin without being super drying and leaves it feeling supple thanks to the cocoa.

yes, i’m that person. my bullet journal is an obsession and after giving it a full 30 days of action, i can never go back. it’s self-care, productivity, mindfulness, wellness and more all wrapped up into a cute moleskin notebook.

bullet journals are a concept created by ryder carroll aka the guru of productivity. he created a pretty simple system for tracking your appointments, tasks and activity that i’ve adapted to work for me. mine includes a monthly gratitude list, blog projects, a monthly and weekly budget, habit tracker and a weekly spread. let me know if you’d like to see more!

what are your current faves?



  1. Naomi
    March 13, 2017 / 10:23 pm

    I love how you are sticking to pin and paper to keep you organized. Most people have transformed to apps and I honestly don’t think it’s the same. Glad to see I am not alone.

    • Tashira
      March 14, 2017 / 9:36 am

      I tried apps, but they just don’t work for me. Team Bullet Journal!

  2. Jocellyn
    March 17, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    The KonMari method changed my life. I felt so much lighter afterward. But wow was it an emotional few days, but she warned me it would be. My roommate is moving out in a few weeks and I’m going to to try living alone for a bit so I’ll do another sweep since I couldn’t really go all out on the kitchen & living room before. Getting stoked!

    Love your arsenal of tools you use to stay grounded. I try bullet journaling too, but I have terrible handwriting and always have scribbled out lines so it’s totally not photo-worthy, haha.

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