Recipe for the Best Bath Ever

Recipe for the Best Bath Ever

i’ve been obsessed with baths my entire life. like most kids, it was my time to play and explore. as an adult, it’s my refuge — the place i go for relaxation and self-care.

obviously, bathing serves a very practical purpose. we all have to wash our asses. but if you’re only using your bath time to get fresh and clean, then you’re missing out on life.

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recipe for the best bath ever:

  1. lavender bubble-bath — nope, bubble bath isn’t just for kids and this one from shea moisture is lovely.
  2. essential oils — i’m a big believer in aromatherapy, so i always have a few essential oils on deck. my faves for bath time are peppermint or vetiver if i’m feeling sexy.
  3. bath salts — bath salts are perfect additions to a hot tub because they relax tired muscles. i raved about my faves from heritage 1933 in this post.
  4. bath tea — tea mixes are my favorite element of a good bath. drop flowers like chamomile, roses and lavender in a small muslin bag for a beautiful aroma.
  5. burn incense or sage — get the energy right by setting your intentions and burning sage or your favorite incense. how cute is this sage bundle from etsy?

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having a relaxing bath is a great self-care ritual. i try to have one at least twice a week, and even more often now that’s it’s super cold outside.



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