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lately i’ve been busy adding things i’m grateful for to my thankfulness jar, loving on my new cat queen maalika, taking bathroom selfies to show off my purple marc jacobs lipgloss, adding marion barry to my collage wall and losing my LIFE at the J. COLE concert.

p.s. j. cole and i had several moments while he was performing.  clearly, our love is real.

my favorite instagrammers

instagram is my favorite social media platform because of my love for photography.  it gives me a chance to see glimpses of beauty from other people’s lives in real time.  check out some of my favorite instagrammers; they’re so dope until you’ll download instagram just to follow them.


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life according to instagram

instagramit’s warm in dc and i’m loving life, shopping at zara, decorating my apartment with tulips in mason jars, growing herbs on my balcony, enjoying photo shoots with friends and breaking records for the many, many ways that i can wear chambray shirts.

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simon vintage


i moved into my new apartment over the summer and didn’t have the urge to decorate.  instead of forcing the process, i decided to wait until the home decor spirit  struck.  well, it finally happened.  while on the way to my favorite ethiopian take out spot, i stumbled upon simon vintage, a haven for well curated and reasonably priced vintage goods.  never the person to walk past a vintage or thrift store, i swiftly walked in and found a gem of a place.

i spotted the green cubes and instantly thought they would make an excellent coffee table.  the owner thoughtfully suggested i place a piece of glass on top that a previous customer had taken from a large coffee table.  due to my self-control issues, i was forced to also purchase the vintage ceramic lion.  needless to say, i’m in love with my new coffee table–much classier than those wood palettes.

btw, that black and white photo is a picture of my granny at 14.  everybody thinks it’s me–our resemblance is crazy!

wall candy

watercolor collage

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as a recovering etsy addict, i only venture to the website with a purpose in mind.  this morning, i’ve been on a hunt for new wall art, and decided to search etsy for watercolor paintings.  the above prints and originals would make great additions to my collage wall!