Breast Cancer and Button Ups

Breast Cancer and Button Ups

so how are breast cancer and button ups related? more than you think. it turns out that after my surgery, i can’t lift my arms over my head.  major issue because i haven’t owned a button up since grade school.

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as a precaution, doctors test a breast cancer patient’s lymph nodes (called a sentinel node biopsy) to see if the cancer has spread.  this test is vital because if the cancer has travelled from the breast tumor and into the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes would be the first to show it.

disrupting or damaging the lymph nodes can cause a chronic condition called lymphedema. keeping it at bay includes not lifting your arms above your head or lifting heavy things while in recovery.

aside from being terrified of lymphedema, it’s also time for a wardrobe change. unfortunately, me and button ups have never gotten along.

until surgery, my breasts were naturally large — actually disproportionately large for my body type. so having a g (that’s right G) cup can make it hard to shop for button ups that don’t pop open.


of course, the last thing i really need is an excuse to go shopping. i gladly picked up this equipment silk blouse from nordstrom to wear while in recovery. the leopard silk is slightly stretchy and can be styled up or down. i’m wearing a size 6, and it’s a little big — great for healing after surgery.


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