Five Tips to Stay Stylish During Winter

Five Tips to Stay Stylish During Winter

i can’t with this cold. but despite my hate, it’s here to stay in the northeast for the next few months. instead of slipping into seasonal depression (a real thing), i decided to focus on something that brings me joy.


if you’re anything like me, then dressing for the winter can be tough. check out my five tips for staying fly in the winter below.Five Tips to Stay Stylish During Winter 1. invest in more than one coat. seems obvious, but it took me several years before i realized that i needed more than one coat.  i wear this zara diddy when i’m more dressed up and the weather is above 40 degrees or so. anything colder calls for a thin jacket like this one from uniqlo underneath or i pull out my puffy north face. the goal is versatility.

2.  cheap knits are not your friend. i cannot stress enough how important it is to look at labels and only purchase sweaters that are made from less than 50% acrylic or polyester. these materials are not the most durable and after just one wear can start to pill (those annoying fuzzy balls). don’t want to spend a lot on sweaters, especially ones that are made from higher quality materials like cashmere and wool? no worries, see the next tip.

3. shop consignment shops and thrift stores. staying stylish during winter doesn’t have to be expensive. consignment shops are the perfect place to pick up sweaters, coats and scarfs that are on trend, good quality and in great condition. i scored a 100% cashmere dress from a consignment shop for only $40!

4.  layer your summer pieces. winter doesn’t mean you leave your summer and spring pieces behind. it just means it’s time to layer. grabbing base layers like the heattech collection from uniqlo will keep you warm. i’m wearing a pair of uniqlo tights under these fall pants.

5.  don’t pack your skirts and dresses away. with the above tip in mind, winter doesn’t mean you tuck away your favorite warm weather pieces. you can wear tights and a blazer with your favorite dress or knee boots with your favorite skirt paired with a sweater.Five Tips to Stay Stylish During Winter Five Tips to Stay Stylish During WinterFive Tips to Stay Stylish During Winter


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