My Top Three Skincare Essentials

My Top Three Skincare Essentials

i’m obsessed with skincare. it’s so bad that i’m bracing myself for an intervention any day now.

controlling my oiliness and treating hyper pigmentation have been my goals over the past two months. here are the essentials that made a major difference in my skin:

  1. gentle cleanser — for years, i thought the more drying the cleanser, the better it would be for oily skin. false. oily skin is comes from the overproduction of the skin’s natural oil. meaning, the dryer my skin is, the more oil it will produce. therefore, most drugstore acne-free washes that contain drying ingredients like salicylic acid do way more harm that good for my skin. now, i double cleanse,  first, using the banila co oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and then the deep cleanser with red clay by first aid beauty.
  2. mask — i live for a good mask. they give my skin a quick boost and allow it to fight off impurities. my favorites are aztec secret bentonite clay mask mixed with apple cider vinegar for deep cleaning and bosica’s luminizing black mask for blackheads. i’m trying out florapothecarie’s chocolate mask as a more regular addition to my routine because it’s gentle and does wonders when worn overnight. plus, the 100% organic ingredients are pretty impressive: cocoa powder, white clay and dehydrated coconut milk.My Top Three Skincare EssentialsMy Top Three Skincare Essentials
  3. night cream — applying a cream nightly like caudelie’s renewal cream that i reviewed here is a new addition to my skincare regimen, but an essential nonetheless. night creams are perfect to restore and renew your skin since you absorb the most active ingredients at night. they can even reduce pores, wrinkles and eye puffiness. after using caudelie’s renewal cream for a few weeks, i’m already waking up to brighter skin which makes me even more comfortable going makeup free.My Top Three Skincare Essentials

of course, these aren’t my only three skincare products — i add a toner and moisturizer to the mix. however, they’re the essentials that i’ve noticed have worked magic on my skin in the past three months.

what are some of your faves?


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