Five Tips for Rebooting Your Wardrobe the Affordable Way

Five Tips for Rebooting Your Wardrobe the Affordable Way

i’m cooking up a bomb fall/winter wardrobe. i can’t wait to share deets, but mum’s the word until i get my staple pieces. in the meantime, i did a seasonal detox and let go of some items that were way past their expiration date.

cleaning out my closet a few times a year let’s me know what items need the boot, what needs to be restocked and what works with the items i already own. it’s like a wardrobe reboot.

Five Tips for Rebooting Your Wardrobe the Affordable Way

here are five tips for rebooting your wardrobe the affordable way:

  1. don’t be afraid to purge. i talk about the need to let shit go a lot — this applies to people, places and things btw. regarding your wardrobe, holding on to items just clogs your closet. this can cause a ball of confusion, first making you think you have more clothes than are actually wearable and second hiding all the good stuff. how many times have you said, “i forgot i had that?” trust me, i never utter these words, and it’s because routine purging allows me to keep track of what i have.
  2. while you’re purging, take everything out your closet. that’s right everything. removing items and placing them in piles — blouses, jeans, skirts, etc. — let’s you see things in a different light. every time i do this, i realize pieces that coordinate well that i hadn’t previously thought of wearing together.
  3. get inspired. i’m a fan of creating the old fashion vision board to collect inspiration because arts and crafts always win. but if that’s not you’re jam, try websites like pinterest (check out my cold weather board here) or polyvore to get inspired.
  4. prioritize well-made basics. i’ll get into this tip more when i reveal my fall/winter wardrobe haul, but for now, know this is a must. i’ve gotten so many plain tees and tanks that i have to replenish several times a year because they’re low quality. i’ve finally decided to invest in better basics so the next time i reach for a white tee, it doesn’t have a bunch of loose strings. plus, quality tops, like this one from everlane, are great staples that can be dressed up or down.Five Tips for Rebooting Your Wardrobe the Affordable Way
  5. make a list, check it twice. once you’ve purged and reorganized your closet, chances are you’ll want to purchase some new pieces. before buying a single item, including basics, carefully craft your list. evernote is a gem for list-making. it’s a digital notebook that even has its own app, perfect for keeping track of online links.

the most important thing is to have fun when creating your new wardrobe! it’s just clothes lovelies. plus, don’t forget to stop by thrift stores for great staples like sweaters and jeans.


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