join the #gloupsis challenge

in our #blackgirlsabbaticals series, we spoke a lot about self-care and black women’s need for spaces that support our well being. well, it’s time to make a commitment to showing ourselves some love and celebrating the glow that melanin created. you ready to join the #gloupsis challenge?

it’s simple: all you have to do is follow politics & fashion on at least one social media outlet and use hashtag #gloupsis to participate. not only will your fly spread across the interwebs and receive love from fellow participants, but you’ll also get a chance to win a FREE (you know i’m hype because i never use caps) gift from our monthly sponsor.

december’s challenge is brought to you by the kind folks at pooka pure & simple, a handmade bath and body company started by four sisters. most of their recipes have less than five ingredients — just what we need to get our glow on.

so what are you waiting for? make stuntin and self-care a habit. we want to see you engaging in all types of self-care goodness: dancing, hiking, cooking, reading, traveling, getting a manicure, starting a new spiritual practice and much more. the lucky winner will be announced on december 23rd!

#gloupsis challenge final