lemonade syllabus celebrates black womanhood

Lenonade Syllabus Celebrates Black Womanhood

Lemonade syllabus celebrates black womanhood

created by candice marie benbow, along with 75 contributors, the lemonade syllabus is an amazing collection of work celebrating black womanhood. inspired by beyonce’s new album, the syllabus walks readers through our lived experiences, tackling topics such as self-care, feminism, womanist theology, history and critical lit theory.

my bachelor’s degree is in english literature so the blerd in me is ready to go awf! words can’t express how excited i am to explore this extensive chronicle of work, especially with my sister’s circle dc tribe.

i’ve read about half of the fiction and black feminism recommendations, but only touched the surface of other categories. i can’t wait to dig into the history & cultural studies readings.

have you read any of the writing included in the syllabus? any recommendations of where to start? down to join a politics & fashion blook club? let us know your thoughts!

Lemonade syllabus celebrates black womanhood

featured image via beyonce’s lemonade visual album