Top 5 Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores

Top 5 Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores

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in my first video, i’m going thrifting with mariama, modern homemaker extroidinare of brownbelle. we’re visiting our local thrift store in search of spring and summer wardrobe essentials and household goodies.

in our next video, we’ll style up our finds to show you how we weave thrifted pieces into our wardrobes. in the meantime, check out the five tips below to win at thrifting.

top 5 tips for shopping at thrift stores

  1. don’t buy it if you don’t love it

    thrift stores are great way to collect junk if you’re not careful. even if it costs a dollar, don’t buy it if you don’t love it.

  2. go shopping with a list

    thrift stores can be overwhelming. most folks give up after a few minutes because it’s sensory overload. if you wanna hang in there like a champ and score some good finds, start with a list of things you need/want and be open to other treasures.

  3. check closely for stains and tears

    obviously, things you pick up at the thrift store are pre-loved. make sure to check for working zippers, tears and stains before you fall in love. i’m cool with slight signs of wear and tear, but arm pit stains are something different.

  4. wash it up, wash it up

    i’m going to assume you wouldn’t wear something pre-owned before washing it. but, hey some things just have to be said.

  5. find your favorite stores

    i used to stop at every thrift store i passed — hoping for a hidden treasure. after some time, i’ve curated a list of great stores in my area that won’t disappoint. if you’re looking for evening gowns, visit a goodwill in an affluent area. if you’re looking for furniture, steer clear of small boutiques. spending time curating a list of faves will save you time.

what are your favorite thrift store tips? leave a comment down below and stay tuned for our next video!