Make Your Bath Time Special with Heritage 1933

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as part of my self-care practice, bath time is a welcomed ritual. it’s a lovely way to release the day’s stress, relax and disconnect from the world.

heritage 1933 has taken my bath game to another level with their exhale dead sea salt soak. it’s an all-natural mix of pink himalayan sea salt, bentonite clay, ylang ylang oil, peppermint oil, rose flower powder and vitamin e. the rejuvenating fragrance made me want to dive into the bathtub as soon as i opened the bottle.  afterwards, i legit felt like i’d taken a vacation someplace warm and sunny. my only criticism — the 8oz jar lasted just a few baths. i need more!

founded by natural hair maven latoya thompson, the best part about heritage 1933 is its mission. for every product purchased, the company donates hair care products to local homeless shelters serving women and children. when you support heritage, you support real people in need.

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this post was sponsored by heritage 1933, but all opinions are my own.