How to Create the Perfect Makeup Vanity

How to Create the Perfect Makeup Vanity

finally y’all. i feel so relieved that we have a place in our bedroom for makeup and beauty products.

i’m not a traditional gal, so an old school makeup vanity wasn’t for me. we created our vanity using basic staples that can be repurposed if we move or want to redesign our bedroom.

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here’s tips for creating the perfect makeup vanity:

  1. get creative. i started my search by looking for vanity sets. the type with a mirror, bench and small desk. i couldn’t find anything that fit my style and decided to go with a desk instead. there aren’t a lot of pieces of furniture that we use forever so you might as well get something that can be repurposed.
  2. don’t skimp on the storage. whether using acrylic bins like the ones above or pricier glass options, organizing your makeup neatly will elevate the space. walking past our new vanity just makes me want to sit down and pamper myself.
  3. go high. in order to keep the desk free of clutter, we decided to add a shelf. actually we purchased two shelves, but we couldn’t find a stud in the wall for the second. we’ll probably add another to space out the bins a bit and make things look a bit more chic.
  4. add things you love. we moved the necklace holder from the spare bedroom to feature it in the vanity. my favorite necklaces with fresh flowers and the gold giraffe add special touches.
  5. dump what you don’t need. this is a piece of advice that i need to take since i have no less than 50 bottles of nail polish. but hey, i’m not the only one who holds on to beauty products for way too long. if you still have bright red blush and pink glitter eyeshadow from college, let it go. use your space to feature the things you love.

how do you store your makeup? tag @politicsandfshn in pictures of your makeup vanity on social media!

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