5 Reasons You’ll Love the New Mazda3

5 Reasons You’ll Love the New Mazda3

i recently partnered with mazda to test out their 2018 mazda3, and it was a ride to remember. as i prepare for chemo, onraé and i needed a quick getaway.

richmond, was our destination. our mazda3, which we nicknamed snowball, was our whip.

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5 reasons you'll love the new mazda3 this trip was a bit nostalgic because my first car was a white mazda 626. i loved that car and cried when we laid it to rest. like my old mazda, snowball drives like a dream.

between the excellent gas mileage, smooth drive and beautiful interior, the 2018 mazda 3 is car goals.

5 reasons you'll love the new mazda3

5 Reasons You’ll Love the 2018 Mazda3

1. excellent gas mileage

we drove to richmond, va and back on one tank of gas. that’s about a hundred miles. the car’s fuel economy is excellent with a certified 30 miles per gallon. mazda estimates you save $750 per year in fuel costs over five years compared to the average new car.

2. touch screen display

with a 7” color touch-screen display, the car has high-tech spaceship vibes. navigation, apple play, pandora, sirius xm and am/fm hd radio are just some of the screen’s perks. plus, you can send and receive text messages — but don’t text and drive people.

3. hands-free phone and audio

you can call bae completely hands-free with the mazda3. we don’t have this feature in our current car, and were suckers for not choosing it. communicating through bluetooth makes life sooo much easier.

4. review camera

parallel parking was created in washington, dc. i’m just kidding — i have no idea if that’s true. however, the dreaded back up, scoot in, back up, scoot in of parallel parking is life in these dc streets. a rear view camera makes parking so much easier and most importantly, safer.

5. dreamy interior

snowball was cute. her interior color is called parchment (beige with black piping). the leather is super soft, and wiped clean pretty easily. our chihuahua jumped in the back seat and got his pesky paw prints everywhere. one quick swipe with a baby wipe, and they completely disappeared.

5 reasons you'll love the new mazda3

overall, i enjoyed the ride. if you’re looking to purchase a new car, put the mazda3 on your list.