15 New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Never Tried Before

15 New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Never Tried Before

read this post before you join another gym. chances are that’s been part of your new year’s resolution for the past five years. no judgement, it’s just time to shake things up a bit.

this year, let’s create commitments that truly support intentional living. here are 15 new year’s resolutions that you’ve never tried before.

15 new year’s resolutions you’ve never tried before

  1. get your self-care game on lock

    2018 is time to solidify your self-care regimen. eating healthy, meal planning, physical activity, whatever your personal goals, make a commitment to get them done in the new year.

  2. start a bullet journal

    a bullet journal is an excellent investment in productivity and self-care. don’t be fooled by pinterest though. you don’t have to be a master artist to create a bullet journal.  all you need is a notebook and pen. check out my latest bullet journal post here.

  3. plan a 30 day happiness project

    you need a happiness project in your life. for the past two years, i’ve made this investment in joy, and it’s pressed reset on my life. check out this post for tips on planning a 30 day happiness project.

  4. only netflix & chill on the weekends

    let go of getting home from work, eating dinner on the couch and watching netflix for hours. find more fulfilling ways to use your time during the week like picking up a new hobby, reading a book or enjoying a group exercise class.

  5. create a morning routine

    mornings are when we’re closest to god. instead of scrolling through your phone as soon as you wake up, how about creating a more intentional morning routine. meditating, reading, journaling, drinking tea, having some quiet time alone, are all healthy ways to start your morning. for more inspiration, check out my tips for creating the perfect morning routine here.

  6. create an evening routine

    create an evening routine that enhances your self-care and relaxation. for example, cut off social media at 7 pm, give yourself a facial twice a week or make a big deal out of bathtime. check out my recipe for the best bath ever here.

  7. start a daily journal habit

    make jornaling easy by creating daily lists. you can write gratitude lists, what you’re grateful for and challenges during the day.

  8. create an automatic savings account that’s not easily accessible

    studies show you’re more likely to save money when your savings are deducted automatically. for the new year, make saving a habit with an account like rize.

  9. invest in your creativity

    if you’re like me, then you need a good creative outlet. i’m investing in my creativity this year by consuming more educational conteny through skillshare and youtube. set some creative goals like learning how to crochet or build a website and get cracking.

  10. make new friends or reconnect with old ones

    my current journey has made me value friendships like never before. it’s also made me realize their role. use 2018 to invest in healthy, whole friendships.  you can make new friends or reconnect with an old one. whatever you decide, be willing to be vulnerable with those you love.

  11. start doing monthly audits

it’s so easy to point out all the ways our lives suck. “my partner’s an asshole…i will have to sell bodily fluid to afford my latest car repair…i spend friday nights alone eating talenti gelato”…all these things may be true, but lots of dope shit happens too. for 2018, write down your biggest wins, challenges and lessons learned at the end of each month.

    12.  overhaul how you look at money

self-help author jen sincero has gotten my life together before. first, with her bestseller, you are a badass and now she’s back with you are a badass at making money. don’t expect to learn how to invest in stocks and bonds with this book, instead she uses her tips to revolutionize your relationship with money. it’s a must read if you’re looking to transform a scarcity mindset into one of abundance.

     13. read at least ten pages a day

making a list of 27 books to read in 2018 isn’t helpful. instead, this year make a commitment to read at least ten pages a day. audiobooks also count!

     14. meditate five minutes a day

use a timer or one of the countless apps to create a meditation habit. yes, your mind will wonder while you’re meditating. the point is not to stop your wandering mind, but to notice it and bring it back to focus. doing this just five minutes a day has all sorts of health benefits that you deserve in 2018.

      15. call or text at least one friend or family member every single day

being in communication with loved ones lifts our spirits. i’ve been at my lowest and received a text message or phone call that completely refreshed my mindset.  next year, make it a priority to call or text at least one friend or family member every single day.  they’ll think it’s for them, but secretly it’s for you.

happy 2018!



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