5 Tips for Weaving Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

5 Tips for Weaving Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

all my favorite pieces are vintage. the black hand-painted dress, high-waisted levi’s and leather coat in this post are some of my most prized possessions.

5 Tips for Weaving Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

i’m the kind of person who’s always down for a hunt. there’s nothing like the rush of finding a diamond in the rough. but i get it, spending hours in thrift stores isn’t everyone’s jam.  fortunately, you don’t have to anymore. shopping on etsy and at specialty vintage stores means all the work has been done for you.

the best part about incorporating vintage clothing into your wardrobe is it’s a great investment in slow fashion. long gone are the days of seasonal shopping when clothes were made to last a generation. shopping vintage means you’ve recycled stylish clothes that are good quality and otherwise would’ve ended up in a landfill.

plus, a wardrobe full of fast fashion doesn’t last. it might seem cheap, but it’ll need to be replaced each season.

5 Tips for Weaving Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe5 Tips for Weaving Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

well-made vintage pieces will last a lifetime. for example, my grandmother purchased this leather trench coat in the 70s, and it’s still in great condition.  the leather is perfect and lining just has a few tears. i feel like a bawse when i wear it.

i created five tips for folks looking to incorporate vintage pieces in their wardrobe. read below for the tea.

5 Tips for Weaving Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

 five tips for weaving vintage pieces into your wardrobe:

  1. shop with an open mind

    thrift and vintage stores aren’t like macy’s. you’ll get disappointed if you’re looking for something very specific, like a black ribbed turtleneck for example. keeping an open mind means you’ll be down to snatch up things you love and won’t overlook gems.

  2. curated shops are your friend

    don’t have time to wade through dozens of racks in your local thrift store? no worries, check etsy and local vintage and consignment stores instead.  these kinds of shops have a curated inventory that’s typically free of defects like holes and tears and also sourced pieces with an eye towards style. if you’re down for the hunt, then value village and unique are my favorite thrift stores in the washington, dc area.

  3. get them so fresh and so clean

    why do vintage clothes smell like moth balls and funk? you can cure the horrid smell with a few tricks like hand washing pieces with a few teaspoons of white vinegar. also, baking soda and vodka have been known to do the trick.

  4. focus on accessories

    it can be hard to pull off a head to toe vintage look. i’m down for it on special occasions, but most days it’s too much. if you’re new to styling vintage then try weaving items like coats, jewelry, shoes and handbags into your wardrobe. they are not only a great value because they can be worn more often, but also add a touch of something special to any outfit.

  5. make it your own

    i purchased a gold sequin dress from a vintage shop years ago. interesting (i won’t lie and say cute), but bad idea. i saw myself wearing it with combat boots or as a tunic over jeans. it never happened.  i was forcing things — the look just wasn’t my style. you shouldn’t be forced to build a wardrobe around your vintage pieces. instead, they should fit into your already established style. i didn’t have to think twice about wearing my vintage coat with this silk blouse from vince (affordable version here).

are you a vintage shopper? any helpful tips for weaving vintage pieces into your wardrobe?


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