Top 5 Things to Do in Bath County, VA

Top 5 Things to Do in Bath County, VA

don’t visit bath county, virginia unless you want to relax, smell fresh air and eat good food.  the place has a cozy vibe that is something serious. don’t worry, i won’t go on about my love for it again (check out the best place to stay in bath county, va for my musings on the inn at gristmill square).  this post will give you dibs on the top 5 things to do when you’re in town.

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1. enjoy nature

enjoying nature should go without saying, but hey, some city folks need the reminder.  you’ll be delighted (or slightly terrified) to know your cell phone service will be sporadic. bath county is the perfect place to unplug and get in tune with yourself and loved ones. we visit yearly precisely for this reason.

there are lots of places to chill and enjoy nature, but george washington national forest tops my list.  it has a campsite, hiking trails and views for days.

2. take a dip in jefferson pool

after you’ve hiked, you’ll need a place to relax. jefferson pool is your spot. it’s a no frills bathhouse with men’s and women’s quarters. the building looks like it’s been around for centuries, but the crystal clear warm water is divine. you’ll love it if you like rustic charm and believe in the healing properties of mineral spring water.

make sure you call ahead to book an appointment.  they recently started a policy that requires a reservation before arriving.

3. visit a local art gallery

you might not visit bath county expecting to find an art scene, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. we love warm springs gallery, a small space with lovely art and a cafe.  if you’re not into collecting art, no worries. stop by for the delicious food, market place and handcrafted jewelry that will make you drool.

warm springs gallery hosts the yearly plein air art festival that i can’t wait to check out.

4. visit the homestead resort

the homestead boasts itself as america’s first resort. i wouldn’t doubt it given the property’s colonial feel. while i’ve never booked a stay, i’ve enjoyed the pool and heard the rooms are gorgeous. during our recent trip, we visited for a friend’s wedding, and the entire event was spectacular. if you’re like me and prefer a bed and breakfast, you can still eat dinner, enjoy the spa, play golf and do a bunch of activities at the homestead.

5. enjoy dinner at the waterwheel restaurant

a trip to hot springs would be incomplete without dinner at the waterwheel restaurant.  the fresh ingredients and large wine selection make it one of my all-time favorites. we enjoyed the roasted duck and fresh scallops while sipping on a bottle of wine.

drinking wine was a major accomplishment because onrae doesn’t like any alcohol that isn’t sweet, and i’d rather die than drink moscato. no worries, the staff selected a riesling that hit just the right notes. you’ll love the ambiance and excellent service. in fact, ask for our good friend liberty’s table.

have you visited bath county, va? if so, what’s your favorite thing to do. drop a line below!


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