10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

our 21 day happiness project is in full effect! we’ve got one week down and shot out to everyone making a commitment to doing at least one thing a day that brings them joy.

let the first three weeks of august serve as a much needed reminder of what truly matters in life.  even when we’re at our lowest, we can find joy in the little things.

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10 ways to treat yourself without spending moneyoftentimes, women can confuse adornment with self-care. getting our hair and nails done and buying a new outfit are things that make us look good. however, they can also polish up our exterior without paying attention to our wellness. self-care doesn’t take money or adornment. it takes a commitment to being kind to yourself — no matter how small the act.

10 ways to treat yourself without spending money

  1. read a book

    fall back in love with your local library. not only can you grab a good book, but most have bookclubs and events for the nerd in us to enjoy.

  2. plan a trip

    take a day trip to someplace special. if you’re in the dmv area, the lavender or sunflower fields are a perfect getaway.  i’ve been wanting to spend the day in baltimore for awhile.

  3. send a handwritten note

    doing something special for others gives us a great boost of positivity. instead of sending a text message or e-card, try mailing a handwritten note to a friend or colleague. it’s a special way to stay in touch.

  4. have a picnic with a friend or partner

    nature is god’s medicine on earth. spend sometime outside with someone you love for a free form of self-care.

  5. visit a free museum

    who doesn’t enjoy learning something new? free museums and exhibits are in most communities, but folks living in the dc area can enjoy the smithsonian museums for free. if you haven’t visited, get on the list for tickets to the national african american history and culture museum asap.

  6. do the thing you’ve been avoiding

    file away important paperwork, clean out the trunk of your car, have a yard sale to get rid of things you’ve collected and watch your steps become lighter.10 ways to treat yourself without spending money

  7. take a bath

    we didn’t have a working shower in my house growing up. my entire family took baths, and as a child it became my special place. bath time today is like a ritual. i include dried flowers, scented oils and more. check out my recipe here.

  8. post affirmations

    make a ritual out of writing and reading positive affirmations. check out this post with 35 affirmations to get you started.

  9. learn something new

    give youtube or a free skillshare trial a try to learn something new. from calligraphy to cooking, there are easy tutorials all over the internet.

  10. play music loud and dance

    my partner’s a musician so music is a big part of our lives. growing up in the 80-90s in the south means bass/trap music is life.


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