The Best Glossier Products for Dark Brown Skin

The Best Glossier Products for Dark Brown Skin

i’m a glossier fan. better yet, i’m an emily weiss fan. she’s the brand’s founder and also the genius behind skincare and beauty blog, into the gloss.

glossier is built on emily weiss’ philosophy that the most important makeup tip is skincare first. the company exudes minimalism of anti-kardashian proportions, promoting a no-makeup makeup look. i’m here for it.

i got hip to glossier by my beauty bae, tamira jarrel. since she’s puerto rican with light brown skin, i wasn’t sure the makeup products would work for me.  i started with an online order and recently visited glossier’s new showroom in nyc to test things out.

The Best Glossier Products for Dark Brown Skin

sidenote: a showroom is such a smart concept for an online company. it gives people the opportunity to consult with brand specialists and actually try products before purchasing.

i’m super impressed with the versatility of most of glossier’s makeup and the performance of their skincare.  however, not everything works for dark brown skin. check out my review below.

  1. milky jelly cleanser // this stuff is filled with unicorn dust. it’s a makeup remover and face wash in one which makes double cleansing super easy. it doesn’t lather much, but leaves your skin feeling supple and not dry.
  2. skin tint // my first glossier product was their skin tint in the color rich. it goes on lighter than a bb cream and gives you a nice glow. the coverage isn’t super buildable, so if you’re looking for a beat, this ain’t for you. if you’re looking for no makeup, makeup, this will be your jam.
  3. stretch concealer // this stuff is like gold. in fact, i’ve been wearing it alone with just a bit of blush and mascara to round out my look. like the skin tint, it’s light enough to look effortless, but heavy enough to hide imperfections. i use the color deep, but will also pick up the darkest tone, rich.
  4. haloscope // i’m always down for a creamy stick highlighter, and haloscope doesn’t disappoint. i swatched this in the showroom and was honestly surprised how well it shows up on dark skin.  the color topaz is my favorite.
  5. balm dot com // think of your favorite lip balm times 100. i use the rose balm dot com after washing my face in the morning and at night, and my lips feel moisturized all day. twelve bucks for lip balm is a bit excessive for me, but it works like magic.
  6. lip gloss // glossier must have called nasa to formulate a lip gloss that’s shiny without being sticky. it’s the perfect summer shine to complete a glowing highlight and popping lashes.

i can’t give the masks a full review yet, but stay tuned, they’ll definitely be in my next order. also, i need to give the sunscreen a real try before sharing thoughts. i’m still not convinced it works for oily skin. here’s what i didn’t like:

  1. cloud paint // an utter disappointment. it completely fades into dark brown skin.
  2. lip paint // i have to admit i’m confused by this product. it looks like your lipstick needs to be reapplied, but evidently that’s the point. only the darkest shade showed up on me, and it wasn’t a good look.
  3. boy brow // another product i’m puzzled by. it’s not clear what it actually does for your brows besides help them to look bushy. not my look. plus, the darkest shade gave me morticia addams realness, and the light brown looked ashy.

have you tried any of glossier’s products? what do you think about the no makeup makeup look?