How to Create the Best Morning Routine Ever

How to Create the Best Morning Routine Ever

how many times have you gotten out of bed, only to dive back in? you can be honest, i won’t judge.

i’m a morning person, but i hate getting out of bed more than unwrapping cds (do they still make those?) i used to hit snooze a bunch of times, start tossing and turning an hour before i had to wake up from anxiety and generally be in a bad ass mood before 9 am.

with time, i realized the best way to tackle something you dread is to make a plan. that includes figuring out a bomb morning routine that works for you. you may never be excited for mondays, but you can enjoy some self-care to ease into your day.

five tips for creating the best morning routine ever:

  1. tell your alarm clock to kick rocks. if you’re still using an alarm clock, do better. there has to be research around the negative effects of a loud ass buzzer waking you up. i started using the bedtime alarm on my iphone that tracks sleep and wakes me up to the sounds of birds chirping. i feel like i’m on an exotic island. warmly (ios) and rise (android) are apps that also wake you up gently.
  2. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: some health experts say we should drink half our body weight in ounces of water each day. i’m all about achievable goals, so i’m working towards 64 oz.  it helps when i start the day by guzzling at least 20 oz of water and then track the rest in my bullet journal.  treat your body well by starting the day with hydration.
  3. give meditation or prayer a try: it only takes a few minutes to clear your mind. morning meditations are my favorite because we can spend time visualizing our day. hate your boss more than white pantyhose? visualize seeing them in the office, greeting you with a warm smile and sharing genuine praise for a job well done.  after meditation our energy vibrates a bit higher, allowing the good things we visualize to actually manifest.
  4. pull out your journal and write: some folks are intimidated by journaling, but morning pages makes it easy.  it’s a practice of writing three pages in your journal every morning. no right or wrong things to say, just a brain dump that includes any and everything that comes to mind.  i write after meditation as a way to center myself before entering the world.
  5. pre-plan your breakfast: breakfast is such an important meal and leaving the house without at least grabbing a banana can set you up for a lackluster day. the best way to avoid this is by pre-planning your breakfast. freezing ingredients for smoothies, making overnight oats or boiling a few eggs the night before can help make sure you get the nutrients you need in the morning. remember, breakfast is your body’s fuel for the day.

when i fall off my routine, i can feel it.  my energy is super low, and everything seems foggy.  i’m much perkier and focused when i follow similar steps each morning. my next goal is to include some physical activity.

for more on getting the perfect jump start to your day, check out the miracle morning by hal elrod.  millions of people subscribe to his morning tips.

How to Create the Best Morning Routine Ever


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