The Ayaba Series: Why We Need Sisterhood

The Ayaba Series: Why We Need Sisterhood

every relationship is an assignment. it was sent to teach us something, maybe even bring our issues to the forefront and give us space to heal. for this reason and so many others, women need sisterhood.

i grew up kind of like an only child, raised by my mom and grandparents.  having what society construes as a “non-traditional” family, i always craved close bonds with friends. i wanted the kind of friendships on display in my favorite babysitter’s club and girl talk books.

it wasn’t until college when i joined an organization dedicated to black sisterhood that i realized i wasn’t searching for friends, but sisters. now i understand the infinite and revolutionary value of organizing and creating spaces for women by women.

The Ayaba Series: Why We Need Sisterhood

the ayaba series.

the ayaba series has become my sanctuary. created by eboné mcloud of good thoughts tea company, it’s a sister’s circle dedicated to uplifting women’s fellowship and well-being. i’m a very proud member of the steering committee along with my sisters jo, aj and dominique. it’s my tribe.

join us.

monthly subscriptions for the ayaba series are now open! join us at nubian hueman in washington, dc for our monthly circles. visit us at to learn more and save a pillow.



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