Tips for Self-Care in the Mist of Turmoil

Tips for Self-Care in the Mist of Turmoil

let’s face it – maintaining a self-care regimen is hard. if you’re anything like me, stress and life’s buillshit can easily take over, especially when we feel overwhelmed.

i’m working hard to see self-care not as a burden during my busiest or most stressful times, but as an investment that creates a greater outcome. a quick meditation, aromatherapy, exercising and more not only creates peace of mind but can boost your productivity.

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instead of running away from yourself during turmoil, take a moment to get in tune. those emails can wait. your meeting can start a little later. your spouse will understand. difficult times are when you need to invest in yourself the most.

give these tips a try for maintaining self-care in the mist of turmoil:

  1. stop the noise in your brain by focusing on one thing at a time. the endless to-do lists running through our heads are counterproductive — they take up space in our already crowded minds. what’s worse is they also tell you that you’re not doing enough, you never have enough time and you’re unworthy of opportunities. shut the mental naysayers down with an app like forest. it allows you to set timers for focusing on a specific task. when you’re done and haven’t left the app, a tree has grown! clearly, i’m here for the little things.
  2. take a walk during the day. whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent or full-time employee, you deserve to leave your surroundings. stress is energy, and can transmute itself to anyone present in a physical space. taking a walk not only gives you exercise, but can also press reset on your mental wavelength.
  3. join a self-care community. there are countless online communities dedicated to self-care and happiness, including podcasts like black girl in om. plus, the short weekly emails and resources from the happiness planner as well as the brief meditation podcasts from spiritual junkie gabrielle bernstein can give you a major boost. whatever your interest, finding an online community can keep you accountable and provide support.

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trust yourself enough to know when it’s time to stop and invest in self-care. stress isn’t natural. it’s a manifestation of a demanding society with little appreciation for wellbeing. push back from the turmoil and just breathe.

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