Sunday Says: Have a Seat at the Table

Sunday Says: Have a Seat at the Table

sunday says is a snapshot of my favorite articles from around the web. sit back, chill and enjoy a curated list of beauty, style and social justice reads.

sister solange invited us to have a seat at the table. aren’t we blessed that she prepared a mighty meal? from start to finish, solange’s new album, a seat at the table, is an unapologetically self-reflective piece of art that celebrates blackness. i fanned out in a major way when it dropped.

because some of you have yet to get your life, you can listen to a seat at the table below:

auntie mary is doing too much. i’m really not sure why mary j. blige sat down for what apple is laughably marketing as a serious interview with hillary clinton, but it was awkward to say the least. the singing and hand holding was just too much. i’m excited for her new show what’s the 411 though!

speaking of awkward, the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump happened last week. what world are we living in that an established politician and former secretary of state is on the same stage with a reality tv star? i just kept thinking: we’re fucked. here’s a great piece on race and the debate from the new york times.

mattie james of mattieologie drops gems in her podcasts. whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or just need some motivation to live your dreams, she’s got the keys. subscribe to her podcasts here.

sunday says: have a seat at the table

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