Sunday Says: How to Wear Sneakers the Fly Way

Sunday Says: How to Wear Sneakers the Fly Way

major sneaker love: i just got my first pair of adidas stan smith’s and can’t wait to style them with dresses and chunky sweaters this fall. i’ve been mining pinterest for lots of style inspiration and even found a buzzfeed article full of ideas.

people of color speak out about the fashion industry. the streets of nyc are turnt this week thanks to fashion week. in a recent vice article industry insiders like the okpo sisters (below) discuss what it’s like to experience racism, discrimination and cultural appropriation in one of the most powerful industries in the world.

we won’t let anxiety win. it took me awhile to label my chronic nervousness and tenacity to be constantly on the go as anxiety. i would snap at folks and pummel through exhaustion just to not get that nagging feeling in my stomach. well, thanks to resources like naked with anxiety (blog and instagram), i can better interrogate the source of this issue and receive daily reminders to fight through it.


noirbnb is making moves thanks to #airbnbwhileblack: airbnb came under fire recently for the racial discrimination researchers found in rates of denials for black folks or those with ethnic sounding names. the website claims it will now minimize pictures of those seeking accommodations and also take its staff through racial equity training. i’m truly unclear what the latter has to do with addressing the larger issue, but hey whatevs. while we wait for global white supremacy to end, a group of folks created noirbnb, a website dedicated to black travelers.

start your day right: it’s so easy to roll out of bed and spend the first minutes of your day on social media. instead of saturating yourself in digital content first thing, try including a few rituals to help you stay grounded throughout the day. i love this easy list of 33 morning rituals from xo necole to get you going.


feature picture from fashion carpet.


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