Sunday Says: Pretoria School Girls Are Goals and Colin Kaepernick is Bae

Sunday Says: Pretoria School Girls Are Goals and Colin Kaepernick is Bae

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pretoria, south africa school girls are goals after their protests to wear their natural hair to school. they stood boldly in front of school administrators, their country and the world to demand their right to be themselves. their fight isn’t just about hair. it’s about the fullness of black womanhood in a world that says who you are isn’t enough.

what does it say about the african diaspora when you can’t embrace your african identity in africa?

colin kaepernick has taken a lot of heat for his decision not to stand up during the national anthem at a 49ers pre-season game. his act of protest over anti-blackness in america caused both his teammates and the media to condemn him as unpatriotic. however, professional basketball great kareem abdul-jabar wrote a spot on op-ed saying the exact opposite. there’s nothing more patriotic than calling your country out on injustice.

sunday says: pretoria school girls are goals and colin kaepernick is bae(AP photo/chris carlson)

it’s so hard to dress for fall. i was born, raised and attended college in florida, so the idea that seasons change is still an anomaly to me. you mean i can’t wear sandals year-round? aimee song of song of style is blessing the seasonally challenged with the perfect video on transitioning your wardrobe.

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