How Bloggers Pitch the Perfect Trip

How Bloggers Pitch the Perfect Trip

the high cost of vacations leave lots of millennials on the netflix and chill ministry. flights, hotels, rental cars and more will rob your coins whether traveling in the us or abroad. did you know that you can pack your bags for a getaway by using something more valuable to companies than cash? all you need is the ability to influence others.

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how many times have you visited a destination and shared the entire experience with your friends, family and co-workers? i’m sure your review has even persuaded a few people along the way to take the same trip, eat at the same restaurants and book the same hotel. sharing your review on a website, personal blog, or social media outlets is like multiplying your water cooler conversations by thousands.

whether you’re a blogger, taste maker, entrepreneur or convener, here’s how you can use your digital reach as currency to pitch for the perfect trip.

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i started making pitches to companies just a few months ago, finally leveraging my influence in exchange for reduced rates and promotions. to my surprise, folks responded to my email requests right away! i’m so excited because for our upcoming trip to palm springs, california, i secured a media rate and waived resort fees at one of the most popular hotels in the city.

even if you aren’t a blogger, you can leverage your digital influence with these easy steps:

google search: i did my googles and searched “blog + all opinions are my own + palm springs” to find posts written by bloggers who received some sort of discounted rate or free experience while in palm springs.  i was super excited to find a bunch of hotels mentioned by bloggers and quickly made a list to contact by email.

How Blogger's Pitch for the Perfect Trip

media contacts: i searched each hotel’s website for the person who governs media contacts or press. only about 50 percent listed this information, forcing me to reach out through the email account used for reservations. i crossed my fingers and prayed my message would make it to the right person.

email: all my emails followed a simple outline:  1.) i stated who i was and my blog’s mission, 2.) briefly described my upcoming trip and why i wanted to partner with the hotel, 3.) asked for support during my trip. seeking partnership and not a freebie is crucial because it demonstrates you’re interested in a mutually beneficial relationship. i attached my media kit to my email to demonstrate my digital reach.

media kit (pictured): digital content creators use media kits as their resumes. my kit includes a short summary of politics & fashion, blog and social media stats and available services. you don’t need millions of followers or page views to create a compelling media kit — simply share the information that best highlights your brand and trust me, you’ll find the right match.

thank you notes: i’m sure this goes without saying, but just a reminder to always follow up with a thank you email. even if a company declines to support your trip, taking a moment to share your gratitude for their consideration is not only professional, but can open doors in the future.

review: none of the hotels that responded to my pitch asked for a review on the blog or my social media in exchange for granting a reduced rate. it’s great not to have that expectation in writing, but as a blogger, my goal is to share dope content with my audience, i.e. a bomb trip to palm springs. companies engage in partnerships with digital content creators with this fact in mind, exchanging low cost experiences for exposure.

i hope these simple steps encourage you to make a pitch for your next vacation. be sure to drop a comment with any questions or successful pitches. good luck!


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